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Class Timetables

The heart of Eighty8 is our functional training and strength classes. We pride ourselves on the class system we have in place, with our personalized approach, we aim to help all of our class members achieve their goals.

In addition to our functional and strength classes, we also offer a range of other sessions, including Boxing, Yoga, and Sprint Technique classes. We run these additional classes because we understand that everyone’s health and fitness goals are different.

We also offer personal training and kick-start packages which are tailored to your specific health and fitness goals. We have the solution to your individual needs no matter what they may be.

Timetable cheatsheet

  • Monday: High intensity interval training, involving cardio, power and functional movements.
  • Tuesday: Lower body strength including low, moderate and high intensity training blocks
  • Wednesday: High intensity cardio conditioning involving running, riding, rowing, boxing and ski ergs.
    Thursday – Upper body strength including low, moderate and high intensity training blocks
  • Friday – Posterior chain and core strength, mobility, mixed body weight and cardio exercises
  • Saturday – Combination of all training elements
  • Sunday – Missed your regular training sessions during the week? Then Sunday HIIT is the perfect make up session for you. A mix of Weights, cardio, and functional movements at a high intensity for 45 minutes!

Please refer to the Eighty8 Fitness App for the latest timetables.

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