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Pilates+ is changing
the pace.

A range of Matwork, Barre, Reformer Pilates, and private classes are available to balance the high-performance philosophy of the gym with a low impact and slow-burn style of training. As part of the Eighty8 Health Performance Centre full circle offering, Pilates+ will focus on the fundamental principles of the discipline. Building the foundations for core activation and stability, flow and mobility, muscle control and development, and posture alignment. The mantra here is slow and controlled wins the race, every time.

Pilates is suitable for all ages. No equipment or prior skills required.

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Meet Allyx Falla @ally_moves

Allyx is the Eighty8 Pilates+ Senior Certified Instructor in matwork, reformer and anatomy Pilates. Allyx has further completed the internationally recognised RAD Ballet exams, positioning her to excel as a barre instructor.

Allyx has been a dancer since age 7. After completing her Diploma and Certificate 4 in Contemporary Dance at Brent Street in Sydney, Allyx moved to London for 5 years where she danced professionally. While in London Allyx managed a boutique Pilates studio where her fascination for the modality was piqued. As a dancer her training was focused on technique, form, control, flexibility, and self-awareness; all values which drew parallels to Pilates. Dancing further required Allyx to develop a thorough understanding of recovery, injury prevention and stretching, resulting in her deep respect for mind body connection. As a coach, Allyx believes in elevating both spirit and performance. She runs on high, positive energy and trains beginners to athletes and everyone in between.

The ideal balance

Joint Pilates+ and gym class memberships are available for members looking to optimise their performance with a full body approach. Pilates will aid members in their range, depth and posture of movements as well as strengthening, lengthening, and toning muscles through controlled, repetitive movements achieved by working on the web of small, neglected muscles. The combination of Eighty8 Health Performance and Pilates+ has been designed to help create a balanced training program and routine for members.

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Class Types


Matwork Pilates invigorates the mind and elevates the body. It provides a full-body workout as well as therapeutic benefits. Pilates+ matwork will reattune members with their body. Classes focus heavily on core activation and moving the correct muscles in isolation. Matwork is a difficult body weight discipline and can be used in conjunction with Reformer to refine the fundamental movements. 

Benefits: Body attunement | Low impact | Balance | Posture 



Private classes can be conducted on the reformer, mat, barre or those seeking the benefits of all three disciplines. These classes are tailored to individual health, wellbeing or rehabilitation outcomes.  


Barre is a high energy, high burn, high repetition, full-body workout, leaning on the strength of Pilates and the stretch of yoga. Expect an upbeat and energetic class focusing on small ranges of controlled movement at tempo. Legs will be on the entire time while upper body is weighed and moving simultaneously. This will burn. 

Benefits:  Endurance | Fat burning | Flexibility | Tone 


Pilates is good for mind, body, spirit and the connection of all three. Pilates+ offers injury prevention and recovery and can be performed in conjunction with a physio plan. Through correct breath work and body movement, Pilates+ relieves shock and trauma stored as tension in the body. The repertoire of Pilates+ movement impacts the overall composition of the body and can improve posture and body alignment. 


Our reformer classes are intimate in numbers to provide maximum attention to member’s form. The reformer carriage offers body support in each position while muscles work against a resistance in unity. Reformer is suitable for people who prefer to work on an elevated surface. Our reformer classes are programmed for measurable results. 

Benefits: Strength | Balance & stabilisation | Muscular control | Strength  

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