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Pilates+ is changing
the pace.

Our mantra is based on performance. Reformer pilates is a fantastic way to increase mobility, muscular strength, strength endurance, aerobic conditioning, and increase your control. With only a small number of reformers this allows our instructors to give everyone individual feedback and motivation that is personalised to them. We learn your body and how it moves and know how to optimise your training to help you achieve your goals. If you ever thought pilates was too easy, we’re here to change your mind.

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The ideal balance

Joint Pilates+ and gym class memberships are available for members looking to optimise their performance with a full body approach. Pilates will aid members in their range, depth and posture of movements as well as strengthening, lengthening, and toning muscles through controlled, repetitive movements achieved by working on the web of small, neglected muscles. The combination of Eighty8 Health Performance and Pilates+ has been designed to help create a balanced training program and routine for members.

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Reformer Refine is our control and mobility based pilates class. Refine has been carefully designed by our in house Physiotherapist from Performance Edge Physiotherapy. This class style was created to enhance your performance by optimising your technique and mobility. You can expect slower movements with an emphasis on moving with your breath, mobility based flows, and more time dedicated to dynamic and static stretching.


Private classes can be conducted on the reformer, mat, barre or those seeking the benefits of all three disciplines. These classes are tailored to individual health, wellbeing or rehabilitation outcomes.  


Reformer Dynamic is a full body, upbeat pilates class with a range of dynamic sequences. In this athletic class style you will work through a range of fundamental movement patterns. Get your heart pumping to some killer beats while doing some challenging movements in Reformer Dynamic.


Pilates is good for mind, body, spirit and the connection of all three. Pilates+ offers injury prevention and recovery and can be performed in conjunction with a physio plan. Through correct breath work and body movement, Pilates+ relieves shock and trauma stored as tension in the body. The repertoire of Pilates+ movement impacts the overall composition of the body and can improve posture and body alignment. 


Reformer Strong is our strength based pilates class. This class focuses on developing your muscular strength and muscular endurance, with an emphasis on technique and control. In this class our pilates instructors apply progressive, structured programming aiming to improve your strength.

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