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Get ready to take your training to the next level in our 12-week Winter Season program.  Combining strength, conditioning, mobility and functional training, our structured program will progress your overall S&C baseline using benchmark checkpoints as a key driver to track and hit your personal goals. Our coaches and community create an environment for all training levels to reach their potential, allowing you to get fitter, faster and stronger this Winter.

The program includes:

✅12 weeks unlimited classes or PT access.
✅Structured programming.
✅Strength and conditioning benchmarks with checkpoints to track results.
✅Nutrition consultations and packages available.
✅Access to 2 training facilities with 10+ class times to choose from each day.
✅Classes cater to all fitness levels.
✅No signup fees.

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88 JNR

88JNR – Eighty8’s newest program!

88JNR is designed for toddlers, kids and teens to optimise physical development and educate them to live a healthy and active lifestyle. The program teaches the fundamentals of exercise and foundation movement patterns such as a squat or push up with the correct technique in a fun and safe environment.

Establishing healthy habits & learning the fundamentals from a young age lowers the risk of future injury, improves cognition which improves their ability to learn and focus and lays the foundation for building long-term healthier lifestyles.

Session times:  

Age group 3-5yrs.

Wednesday 10.30am, Majura Park facility.
Saturday 10am, Majura Park facility.

Age group 6-9yrs.

Wednesday 4.15pm, Majura Park facility.
Saturday 10.45am, Majura Park facility.

Please note, If your child is close to either side of the age brackets above, happy to discuss and include them in the program.

For any enquires, additional information or to book your kids into a session, please make contact via phone, email or register your details through our link in the bio.

P) 62497778
M) 0400600498

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Beginner Strength

Want to learn the fundamentals of strength training? Join Eighty8’s new strength series, focused on beginners looking to improve their technique and range of movement. No matter the skill level, our personalised coaching will guide you through progression exercises to build confidence, improve quality of lifts and lift efficiency.

Offered at our Brindabella Business Park location. Enquire now.

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Flow Series


Prevent injury or jump on the road to recovery in our new Flow program. Flow consists of activation exercises, posterior chain and core strength, dynamic mobility sequences and skill progressions to help you to move better, train harder and recover faster.

Offered at 2 locations: Majura and Brindabella Business Park. Enquire now.

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One week free trial

Your complete health solution is here. Try Eighty8’s uniquely programmed strength, conditioning and functional movement classes for one week on us!
· Unlimited classes
· 24/hr general access
· Personalised coaching
· All fitness levels
· 2 locations: Majura Park & Brindabella Business Park
· In-house nutritionist
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