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We believe that nutrition is a cornerstone to health and performance. Offering personalised programs, tailored individually, we believe there is no one size fits all solution. That’s what makes us unique – we work with you to build habits and sustainable choices, setting you up for success every time. Our accredited in-house dietitian has a wealth of experience to help you to stay fuelled for your training week, manage your clinical diagnosis and transform your mindset to maintain healthy habits in the long run.

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Loren is an Accredited practicing Dietitian and Sports Dietitian who relocated from Melbourne to the NSW South Coast in 2020. She graduated from a Bachelor of Food Science and Nutrition in 2010, followed by a Master in Dietetics in 2012.

Loren provides individualised dietary advice, based on personal goals and nutrition requirements; whilst offering ongoing guidance, motivation, and support. She is driven by the psychology of eating patterns and motivation to eat. Therefore, understands that it isn’t always as simple as following instructions, but changing mindsets to create sustainable lifestyle changes.

She enjoys working with a wide variety of people, especially gastrointestinal disorders such as food intolerances and IBS, diabetes, and weight management clients. However, her passion is in the field of Performance Nutrition, having previously worked with a wide range of elite athletes through the Vic Institute of Sport and with two AFL clubs.

Outside of work hours, Loren loves to run. She has completed two marathons and is currently training for a third. She also enjoys good coffee, experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen and being out in the ocean, learning to surf.

Our Services

Initial Consultation

4560 minutes 

During your initial appointment, Loren will spend time getting to know you and your goals. In addition, she will familiarise herself with your medical history, lifestyle and current eating habits. This will help Loren to create an action plan and goals that fits you!  

An initial consult can include the following:  

  • Sustainable health focused goals  
  • Meal guides 
  • Recipes  
  • Habit trackers and food diaries  
  • Measurements (if preferred)  
  • Educational material 


30 – 60 minutes 

For those interstate, our services are offered over the phone or Zoom via Telehealth. An initial telehealth consultation has the same structure as an initial face to face consultation.   

Review Consultation

30 minutes   

In a review consultation, Loren will monitor progress and make any tweaks necessary to help you stay on track. 

Follow up consultations include:  

  • Modifications to health goals if required  
  • Assessment of habit tracker/food diary  
  • Individualised feedback  
  • Ongoing support and guidance  
  • Measurements (if done in the initial catch up)  
  • Educational material 

Corporate/Group package

Stay motivated in groups or build a high-performance office culture through sharing healthy habits and keeping each other accountable.  

Enquire via the register form below to discuss a tailored package for your group or organisation. 

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