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Reinvent your routine

Unlimited strength, conditioning & pilates classes | 24/7 general access | PT | Structured Programming | 2 Locations

Optimise your accountability, health awareness and recovery with our in-house Dietitian & Physio.

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High performance living

The future of fitness is here, Eighty8 Health Performance is leading the modern health movement. A community that places high value on a holistic health approach, crafting lifelong regimes across fitness, nutrition, recovery and mindfulness.

Working from the ground up, our Eighty8 health specialists provide the tools to transform the way our members think, move, fuel and recharge their bodies. We take a whole-body approach, working in preventative and recovery avenues of fitness and strengthening individuals physically and mentally.

Be inspired and motivated by our likeminded community. Our members gain significant momentum from the motivation and the encouraging environment our trainers/fellow members set, while a collaboration of modern health professionals shape the journey.

WHY Eighty8?

Eighty8 supports a symbiotic relationship between health and fitness under the one roof. Drawing on the expertise of modern health professionals to collaborate and provide members with a personalised and sustainable lifestyle improvements. We offer a range of services to optimise health performance including strength & conditioning, functional fitness, nutrition and recovery. Our facilities are both a social and fitness outlet to change the way members move, fuel and recharge. We build long-term relationships with long-term health benefits.


Our two gym locations offer strength, conditioning, mobility and functional classes, 24-hour access and personal training to suit all fitness levels. Feel supported to achieve your fitness goals with the guidance of our personalised coaching.


Nutrition is a cornerstone to health and performance. Members can access our in-house dietitian service to build good habits and sustainable choices. Our dietitian will identify individual needs and tailor personal eating plans.


Take responsibility of your recovery. Our physio team have joined the Eighty8 movement to develop programs for injury prevention and management ensuring you are always at the top of your performance game.


What sets us apart is our community, providing an encouraging and motivating environment. Eighty8 has built a team of supportive like-minded individuals with a mutual goal to optimise our health.

Health Management

Our dedicated Health Manager is available to meet at any time to discuss and create a personalised program with your health and fitness goals at the forefront. Ongoing checkpoints will keep you accountable as your results are our number one priority.

join now. reinvent your routine.

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